Training Courses

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Introduction to Training Video
The tactical advantage to training by knowledgeable, experienced in-the-field instructors.

Concealed Carry License Course
This is full day course for obtaining a Conceal Carry License.

Basics to Edged Weapons
Designed to provide participants with simple methodology during a edged weapon encounter.

Basic Defensive Pistol I
Everything you need to know about firearms for everyday carry.

Defensive Pistol II
The client will be exposed to the draw stroke and beginning of movement with a firearm.

Defensive Pistol III
The client will be instructed on how to the draw and movement with a firearm.

Urban Rifle I
This beginner / basic course for the AR-15 carbine rifle introduces the student to the takedown and operation of the system.

Urban Rifle II
This intermediate course for the AR-15 carbine rifle prepares the student for more advanced training in the Patriot University program.

Introduction to Competitive Shooting
Everything a you need to know about the competitive shooting sports.

Urban Emergency Medicine
The Urban Emergency Medicine course takes the student beyond basic first aid and CPR.

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